90x90 | Robeco | Logo, video & book design | 2018

On 4 December 2019, the Rotterdam Investment Consortium celebrates its 90th anniversary. Just a few weeks after the stock market crash on Wall Street, seven Rotterdam businessmen decided in 1929 to invest and manage people’s savings collectively. The subsequent Great Depression caused half of the managed money to go up in smoke in the first two years. Nevertheless, they persisted, laying the foundation for the current Robeco Investment Company.

Commissioned by D&B Eventmarketing and Robeco we came up with the theme 'Robeco 90x90. Celebrating 90 years of Robeco by 90 <fill in>'. A conceptual one-year programme in which Rotterdam, sustainability and ’90’ are central. Please scroll down for examples. A detailed explanation or presentation on request.

CONCEPT Rob Severein, Roland van Beveren DESIGN Rob Severein, Sietske Baaten

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90 FACES, 90 STORIES. Celebrating 90 years of Robeco by 90 portraits.

Looking for 90 Rotterdammers who, just like Robeco, will be 90 years old in 2019. We portray them, draw up their life stories and use the the portraits to set up an outdoor exhibition at Weena, in front of Robeco’s head offices. Including a must have, highly collectable coffee table photo book.

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A 90 minute documentary video in which a number of 90 year old Rotterdammers tell about their lives and how they have seen Rotterdam change over the years. About war and reconstruction in the 1950s and '60s. About their attachment to the city.

Rotterdam in the 1950s. (Stadsarchief Rotterdam)

Rotterdam in the 1950s. (Stadsarchief Rotterdam)

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A specially developed Robeco 90x90 app for the entire conceptual programme. With one year-long updates, background stories and news about promotions, events and festivities.