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KETEL 1 Matuur® | Nolet Distilleries | Name design, positioning, campaign | 2015

From idea to meaningful proposition. Communication is more than just an advertising campaign. Communication starts with the product itself. With the proposition it offers, the positioning, the design and the place in the store and the shelf. But above all, it starts when a product innovation is based on brand values. And if it leads to a meaningful addition to the brand story.

New KETEL 1 Matuur, a jenever that has matured for several years. We wrote the brand strategy and came up with the name. Then we wrote the brand story and the label texts and then finally we  also created the campaign.

ART Rob Severein, COPY Roland van Beveren

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A campaign full of stories about maturing. About the beauty of aging. About growth in life, balance. And about a first grey hair ...