KETEL 1. Een verhaal apart | Nolet Distilleries | Strategy, concept & design | 2010 - 2014

Each bottle of KETEL 1 jenever contains a story. Stories of fathers and sons, tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and trade. Genuine stories of Dutch headstrong, independent minds. All bundled in one bottle. Together they form the story of the brand KETEL 1. A different story. 

We created a 360° brand and activation campaign. Print, instore, outdoor, online, in social and events.

CONCEPT & STRATEGY Rob Severein, Monique van Hoek, Roland van Beveren ART Rob Severein COPY Roland van Beveren PHOTOGRAPHY Oscar Seijkens

Old newspapers. Wood. Coal. This is where the story of the stoker begins with. A tale of passion and fire.

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KETEL 1 Campagne_2.jpg

Coal-fired stories of passion and fire. Instore activation.

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KETEL 1 Campagne_3.jpg
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Full page trade ad on hospitality.